Ghost at the Mansion, bus group day trip show in Middle Tennessee

Falcon Rest Mansion had a reputation for being haunted long before it was restored and opened to the public in 1993. By popular demand, the stories have been brought together in a hilarious haunting called “Ghost at the Mansion.”

Designed to tickle the funny bone more than tingle the spine, this interactive show combines stories of the real “spirits” at the 1896 Falcon Rest Mansion with a light-hearted ghost convention … where the audience members are the ghosts! 

Ghost at the Mansion is a fun group tour show in Tennessee.

Falcon Rest players are the “host ghosts,” and group members are given characters of no-longer-living folks as well. They get information about their alter egos, but no lines to remember, so they’re free to ad-lib as much or as little as they like. Since the ghostly guests at the convention aren’t limited to a certain time period, all kinds of hilarious historical interactions are possible. Anyone from Henry VIII to Lady Godiva to Elvis could show up for the fun.

The show ends with a special surprise twist and is followed by a “spooktacular” buffet meal and tour of the Victorian mansion called “Tennessee’s Biltmore” by PBS.

Find out more about Falcon Rest’s alleged “spirits” on our Ghosts page.

$37 each*
Add area step-on tour: $2 each

*Show, meal, and mansion tour
9-3/4% sales tax additional.

30 person minimum.
We can accommodate up to 60.

Buffet meal served after the show, featuring herb chicken breast, ham in cranberry-orange sauce, roasted potatoes, Southern green beans, corn pudding, and chocolate cake with white icing.

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