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"Ghost at the Mansion"


Travel through breathtaking Tennessee scenery straight to Falcon Rest, the Victorian mansion where history is fun.
You’ll be guests at ghost gathering designed to tickle the funny bone as well as tingle the spine. hosted by the

Falcon Rest players are the “host ghosts,” mansion builder Clay Faulkner and his mother-in-law Darthula Sanders.

All our group members will be given characters of no-longer-living folks as well. You'll get information about our alter egos, but no lines to remember, so you’re free to ad-lib as much or as little as you like. Since the ghostly guests at the convention aren't limited to a certain time period, all kinds of hilarious historical interactions are possible. Anyone from Henry VIII to Lady Godiva to Elvis could show up for the fun.

The show ends with a special surprise twist and is followed by a “spooktacular” feast in the elegant Victorian Carriage House reception hall.

After the banquet, guests are free to tour the Falcon Rest mansion at your own pace. Called “Tennessee’s Biltmore” by PBS, the10,000 square foot mansion is filled with museum quality antiques, and some say it’s presided over by Mr. Faulkner’s friendly ghost. After the tour, you can shop for souvenirs of your visit to the 1890s in Falcon Rest’s Victorian Gift Shop.


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