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"Ghosts to Gather" at Falcon Rest Mansion


A ghost gathering designed to tickle the funny bone as well as tingle the spine is awaiting tour groups at Falcon Rest Mansion in McMinnville, Tenn.

The 1896 Victorian mansion had a reputation for being haunted long before it was restored and opened to the public in 1993. Strange events since that time have done nothing but confirm those suspicions. Footsteps heard on the staircase when no one was there ... lights switched on and off ... items found in different places than they had been left ... strange orbs of light in photos ... whistled Christmas tunes from an unseen caroler ...

By popular demand, the stories have been brought together in a hilarious haunting called "Ghost at the Mansion." Instead of the traditional "spook house," however, its setting is a light-hearted ghost convention. Falcon Rest players are the "host ghosts," and audience members are given characters of no-longer-living folks as well.

"Falcon Rest is known as 'the Victorian mansion where history is fun,'" said George McGlothin, the mansion's resident character, "and our 'spooks' apparently share that disposition. In fact, a movie director who claimed sensitivity to the unseen told us years ago, 'I feel a real presence here, but it is friendly, curious, and just wants to be known.' It stands to reason that our ghostly goings-on should be fun as well."

McGlothin, who produced Falcon Rest's interactive mystery play and meal, is excited about the new show.

"People had been asking us to do something about the ghosts at Halloween ever since we opened," said McGlothin. "A few years ago, we decided to incorporate some of the most popular features of our award-winning 'Murder at the Mansion' show into an original play about our unseen 'inhabitants.'"

Audience members at "Murder" assume the characters of people who actually lived in McMinnville or on the national scene in 1897. They get information about their alter ego, but no lines to remember, so they're free to ad-lib as much or as little as they like.

"With 'Ghost,' we assign characters as well. But we aren't limited to people living in a certain time period for the ghost convention. The only qualifications are that they be people who were interesting and are now dead. That opens up all sorts of possibilities for free-wheeling interaction," McGlothin explained. Anyone from Henry VIII to Lady Godiva to Elvis to can show up for the fun.

The show, which ends with a special surprise twist, is followed by a "spooktacular" buffet meal and a tour of the Falcon Rest Mansion.

Falcon Rest, called "Tennessee's Biltmore" by PBS, is open seven days a week from 9 to 5 Central time for guided mansion tours (including some amusing ghost stories), lunch in the Victorian Tea Room, and shopping in the Victorian Gift Shop. Special entertainment and meals may be scheduled at any time for groups of 20 or more. Visit online at for more information.

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